de Volksbank – VR as add on to training Motivational Interviewing

Within the Hub Financial Care of de Volksbank our VR-training is added as an extra component to the existing training Motivational Interviewing. Both participants and the trainer experience this as a valuable add on that enables participants to individually repeat the training when and where they like and practice with our interactive roleplays.

Our approach:

  • Individual learning with 360° video VR-training modules
  • Autonomy for participants when, where and how to learn
  • Reflection in small groups to translate learnings to individual working context
  • Unlimited access to repeat the training

Feedback from participants:

• “The short modules can easily be done in between other work.”

• “The VR-training certainly helps in my contact with customers.”

• “This training fits in the context of working remotely.”

• “It’s convenient that you can decide individually when you take the training. For example, just before having a tough conversation.”

• ‘Especially taking the training more often helps to get deeper insights’.

“By using VR training, we encourage our employees to practice with different themes in a fun, new and varied way.”

Cato Nijhuis, Service Center Lead Financiële Zorg