Role-playing 4x Faster with Virtual Reality

Role-playing in Virtual Reality (VR) is 4x faster than traditional role-playing in a classroom training setting. In this article, we describe the benefits of role-playing in VR versus traditional role-playing. Besides being 4x faster, it also gives participants much more confidence to apply what they have learned in practice.

Research shows that…

In 2020, PWC conducted a study comparing C-learning with E-learning and V-learning. The results showed that V-learning enabled participants to learn 4x faster, gave them more confidence to apply what they learned in practice, increased their emotional engagement during the learning process, and also resulted in significantly improved concentration.

Learning Independently or in a Group?

However, the expectation that professionals would start learning entirely independently based on these results proved not to work in practice. The main reason for this is that although learning is of great importance, it is rarely perceived as urgent. If you don’t give feedback today, it always seems like it can wait until tomorrow. Therefore, it is better to learn together, using VR. VR provides participants with a safe space to make mistakes and learn. They learn faster and better than in a traditional role-playing scenario.

Because traditional role-plays are rarely effective. Many participants do not enjoy doing role-plays in front of their colleagues. They feel uncomfortable and worry when it’s their “turn.” Participants who have less trouble with this mainly want to demonstrate in the role-play that they already have the skill mastered. There is little to no experimentation with new approaches during the role-play.

Additionally, it takes a tremendous amount of time to conduct role-plays with a group of 8-10 participants. If you’re lucky, each participant gets the opportunity to practice on their own once during a full-day training. The rest of the time, you can learn by watching colleagues, but in our view, this can be much more effective and faster: If everyone simultaneously undergoes the same experiences in a VR environment.

The VR Role-play

A role-play in Virtual Reality allows participants to practice the role-play at the same time. In an environment where no one is watching you, and where you can experiment freely. When participants discuss how the role-play experience fits into their professional context after the role-play, valuable insights and interesting conversations emerge. In a session lasting a maximum of 3 hours, you can effectively allow a group of 10 participants to practice.

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