Step into the learning zone to improve your performance

Step out of the Performance zone

The most effective people and teams in any domain do something we can all emulate. They go through life deliberately alternating between two zones: the learning zone and the performance zone.

The reason many of us don’t improve much despite our hard work is that we tend to spend almost all of our time in the performance zone. This hinders our growth, and ironically, over the long term, also our performance.

The most effective people in any domain go through life deliberately alternating between the Learning and Performance zone.

Eduardo Briceno

Author, The Performance Paradox

Step into the Learning zone

Did you know that the secret to better performance does not lie in the performance zone, but in the learning zone?

The Learning zone

The Learning zone is when our goal is to improve. Then we do activities
• designed for improvement,
• concentrating on what we haven’t mastered yet,
• which means we have to expect to make mistakes, knowing that we will learn from them.

That is very different from what we do in the performance zone.

The connection *)

The Performance zone

In the Performance zone our goal is to
• do something the best we can, to execute.
• concentrate on what we have already mastered and
• minimize mistakes.

The performance zone maximizes our immediate performance, while the learning zone maximizes our growth and our future performance.

*) The connection

The most effective people and teams consciously alternate between these two zones. They go through a continuous loop of acting in the performance zone, reflecting on results, practicing in the learning zone, and applying learnings in the performance zone.

OWNIT facilitiates this loop. Our VR-training modules put you in the learning zone: you experiment and make mistakes in a safe environment. And in our reflection sessions we share and reflect on what we have experienced and how we can apply this in the performance zone. This will help you to continuously improve performance.

Our inspiration.

We got inspired about the concept of the Learning and Performance zone by a Ted talk of Eduardo Briceno.

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