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VR training offers an affordable way to upskill employees faster and with better results.

Andrea Mower

VR Specialist, PwC

Off the shelve training solutions

OWNIT. offers a plug and play solution to train interpersonal skills. Our generic 360 VR training modules are ready to use. Participants practice their skills in lifelike interactive roleplays and have access to the theoretical framework in short lectures.

The VR-training can be offered stand-alone or integrated in an existing training program. It is very suited to replace plenary roleplay during classroom training. Participants do the roleplay individually in the safety of a VR-device and share learnings afterwards in a plenary reflection session.

Not only can VR be highly effective, these tools can reduce both cost and logistical hurdles associated with traditional in-person training.

Jeremy Bailenson

Harvard Business Review

Instant & scalable

Can be offered at any time and to any number of participants.

Cost- & time efficient
No time wasted in long classroom sessions, no travel required and low time invest per training session
Highly effective

The interactive VR-role plays offered by OWNIT are fully immersive and give participants the feeling of actually being present in the situation. This learning approach has several benefits, which is supported by research from HBR and PWC.

It’s likely that VR will become the desired platform for many soft skills training programs, from senior leadership development to new hire onboarding.

Jeremy Bailenson

Harvard Business Review

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