Whenever, wherever. For 50% of the price of traditional classroom training

Independent  professionals

Ideal when you’re self-employed. You decide what, when and where you learn. No need to spend a full day in a classroom. Follow the training individually using a stand-alone VR-device. Experiment with our interactive roleplays and learn the theoretical framework from the short lectures. And meet our trainers and your fellow students during our webinars, online reflection sessions and personal coaching. You can choose between a specific theme or a subscription to the full library.

If you want to train a specific skill, choose for one of our 3 themes:

Want to test?

You can own your personal softskill training through the links below. But if you want to test it first, contact us to discuss the options.


If you want to have unlimited access to the full library of VR-training modules, choose our one-year subscription:

*) Our VR Devices

Our modules are designed for Pico24K, Pico 3 and Oculus Quest 2 VR Devices. While onboarding you can chooce witch device you want to order. Do you own one of these devices? Then you can install the software on you device and we will give you a discount of €300 on your order.

VR training offers an affordable way to upskill employees faster and with better results.

Andrea Mower

VR Specialist, PwC

Team training in three steps

OWNIT skills training offers an innovative, fun and inspiring approach to training interpersonal skills. Participants have full autonomy when and where they want to learn, using a stand-alone VR-device.

The training will focus on core skills like:
• Giving and receiving feedback
• Dare to discuss interpersonal relationships
• Non-hierarchical leadership
• Masterful listening

The team is stimulated to experiment, reflect and learn together, enhancing the performance of both the individual members and the team.

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