OWNIT’s innovative training approach for the future of learning

OWNIT, a leading company in the realm of innovation, has made a name for itself by developing a groundbreaking training approach that has earned them a place among the top 50 most innovative companies in the Netherlands for 2023.

This approach, condensing what would typically take an entire day of training into just 2 hours, has shaken up the industry and astounded both professionals and experts alike. The secret? VR role-playing. OWNIT has set a new standard for training with this innovative method. This approach consists of 3 steps that have fundamentally improved the learning process.

The 3-step plan for revolutionary training

Step one starts with a brief introduction to the subject matter and an explanation of how the VR role-play will unfold.

In step two, an exciting phase ensues where all participants simultaneously engage in a role- playing scenario using VR headsets. A once mundane training is transformed into an engaging, immersive experience. Role-playing becomes enjoyable; participants have the freedom to experiment, experience their own strategies, and make mistakes without being judged by others.

Following this VR experience, participants gather under the guidance of an OWNIT certified facilitator. Here begins step three: an open conversation about their experiences. This is where the real magic happens. Participants can discuss challenging topics, make agreements, and immediately apply the acquired knowledge in their work.

Because the workshop lasts only 2 hours, participants immediately have the opportunity to integrate the learning experiences into their daily practice. This shortens the learning curve and enables a direct impact on work performance. Read more about the benefits of VR soft skills training here. 

Step 1: Kick-off

Step 2: VR-Role play

Step 3: Reflection

OWNIT’s unique method

The success of OWNIT’s approach lies in its ability to create a powerful learning experience that is not only efficient but also engaging and practically applicable. This unique method not only fosters individual growth but also revolutionizes how companies and professionals learn and develop.

OWNIT has transformed the future of learning and promises a new era of training and development.