Dutch Ministry of Finance

Dutch Ministry of Finance – Innovation of training curriculum

In a time when working remotely has become the norm, the Dutch Ministry of Finance investigates ways to renew her training offerings. The VR-based training of interpersonal skills was evaluated with a 7.5 on average and a 7.9 for the applicability of the training in their daily work.

Customer demand

The Dutch Ministry of Finance is looking for new innovative learning solutions for development of their staff. All trainings must meet 4 important criteria:

• Participants must be able to learn at their workplace

• Participants must have full control over their individual learning process

• The program must contribute to development of the craftsmanship and professional identity of civil servants

• Participants must be able to learn from and with each other

Our approach:

  • Individual learning with 360° video VR-training modules
  • Autonomy for participants when, where and how to learn
  • Reflection in small groups to translate learnings to individual working context
  • Unlimited access to repeat the training

Participants especially appreciated:

• The flexibility and freedom to choose when and where to learn.

• Experimenting individually in the safe environment of the VR-device

• Sharing learnings and receiving additional insights on the training material during the reflection sessions with a trainer and some colleagues

Although the content of the training was not always new, the training led to a greater awareness of blind spots and stimulated participants to experiment with new behavior (e.g. by paying attention to emotions in interaction with colleagues and not only to content)

“The threshold to learn is low, as the device triggers your curiosity. Very activating and a nice innovative add-on for existing trainings.”

Ineke Wadman – Sr. Advisor Learning & Development at Ministry of Finance