Rabobank Acorn

Rabobank Acorn – Increase effectiveness Sales team

Acorn is a new initive within Rabobank with ambitious growth targets. In order to achieve these targets, the on boarding of new partners needs to speed up and be more effective. OWNIT was asked to deliver a training to the Partnerships team to help them develop the required skills to achieve this.

Our approach:

  • Individual learning with 360° video VR-training modules
  • Autonomy for participants when, where and how to learn
  • Reflection in small groups to translate learnings to individual working context
  • Unlimited access to repeat the training

Feedback of participants:
“This way of training fits our way of working: a mix of working individually and reflecting in small groups and a good balance between digital and live”
“A fun and effective way to learn with the interactive role plays”
“The underlying philosophy and mindset provided me with new insights”
“Very applicable and many ‘Aha’s’, that made me realize where I can grow”
“Interactive reflection sessions were a good way to learn from each other”

“This training was a very positive experience for us. It provided us in a fun and flexible way with clear tips and tools to make our on boarding process more effective and our internal organization ready to scale up.”

Martine Jansen, Head of Partnerships @ Rabo acorn