Marsh McLennan

Marsh McLennan – Leadership program

Within this service provider a new role was created for 9 Industry Practice Leaders, with strategical importance for the organization. To provide these Practice Leaders with a head start, the company was looking for a training to help them develop the required skills for inspirational leadership in a non-hierarchical role.

Our approach:

  • Individual learning with 360° video VR-training modules
  • Autonomy for participants when, where and how to learn
  • Reflection in small groups to translate learnings to individual working context
  • Unlimited access to repeat the training

Participants especially appreciated:

• Flexibility of VR
• Fun way of learning
• The ‘gamification’ format of the training stimulates to repeat the training multiple times and continuously improve your score
• Nice to have the possibility to repeat the training when relevant. This stimulates reflection on real life situations and experimentation with new behavior
• Reflection sessions are useful to share learnings and translated the training to the work environment with colleagues

Having the training scenarios in mind, makes me act differently in practical situations.”

Kirsti Aasestrand –  Industry Practice Lead @ Marsh McLennan