Friesland Campina

FrieslandCampina – Strategic Sales

Reason: As a cooperative, it is important to maintain a good relationship with the members and to welcome new members.
Training Question: Help our advisors strengthen their acquisition and recruiting skills.

Our approach:

  • Individual learning with 360° video VR-training modules
  • Autonomy for participants when, where and how to learn
  • Reflection in small groups to translate learnings to individual working context
  • Unlimited access to repeat the training

Feedback of participants, scoring 8.3:


  • Fine Interaction online intervision and physical meetings
  • Experimenting with the VR glasses provides new insights
  • Situations in the VR glasses are very recognizable!
    It’s great that you can follow VR lectures at home!

“The best training I had so far (and I had a lot of training) ”

T. van Beek