Instant & scalable

Can be offered at any time and to any number of participants.

Cost- & time efficient
No time wasted in long classroom sessions, no travel required and low time invest per training session
Highly effective
The interactive VR-role plays offered by OWNIT are fully immersive and give participants the feeling of actually being present in the situation. This learning approach has several benefits, which is supported by research from HBR

A distraction-free world

VR eliminates all distractions and allows you to immerse yourself fully in the learning scenario.

“While traditional educational tools can sometimes feel boring or artificial, immersive VR training creates highly memorable, impactful experiences — without the potential risk of real-world consequences.”

How companies are using VR to develope employees soft skills, HBR 2021


A safe learning environment

The VR-based training modules of OWNIT offer a safe environment, inviting people to step into the learning zone, experiment, make mistakes and learn new skills in a fun and effective way.

“VR (…) is immersive enough for people to take the training seriously, but also a safe environment where learners are less self-conscious about speaking frankly compared to talking to real people”

Is VR the future of coporate training?  HBR 2020


A personalized learning approach

The approach allows you to learn at your own pace, time and place. You can play a scenario as often as you like and when it’s urgent and relevant for you.

“Not only can VR be highly effective, these tools can reduce both cost and logistical hurdles associated with traditional in-person training.”

How companies are using VR to develope employees soft skills, HBR 2021


Three reasons to use OWNIT VR solutions

Learn just-in-time

Just-in-time learning is available on-demand and can be accessed when your people need it. That makes it different from traditional training, which is generally available at set dates and times.

OWNIT’s VR skill training allows you to experiment when it’s relevant for you. For example: When you have a challenging meeting the next day, you can use the most applicable scenario to prepare yourself and feel confident. This way the training directly adds value in your daily work.

Experience micro-learning

Micro-learning refers to offering small, focused, stand-alone trainings. Instead of combining multiple topics in one training scheduled on one or multiple days, the content is offered in smaller parts that can be learned independently.

OWNIT offers VR-based training consisting of short lectures (+/-10 minutes) and condensed interactive role plays (+/- 15 minutes). This way, you train your interpersonal skills in only 30 minutes per week.

Increase your emotional intelligence and impact

Our generic VR-based training modules will develop your interpersonal skills in such a way that it will:
• make other people want to follow you as a leader, colleague, or expert
• enable you to influence, persuade and inspire people
• give you the mindset and tools to motivate people
• enable you to deal with emotions (of both yourself and other people) more effectively

Step into the learning zone

In life we spend most of our time performing. We apply our skills,try trying to minimize mistakes and achieve results.

The learning zone is different. It is all about improvement. We focus on what we don’t know, we experiment and make mistakes. The goal is to learn more and improve ourselves.

The safe environment (no social risk) of VR invites people to experiment and make mistakes.



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