Dare to discuss Interpersonal Relationships


Evaluating interpersonal collaboration. Not only focussed on evaluating content & process, but mainly on interpersonal level.

The scenario

If people work together, their conversations are mostly focussed on the output and content of their work. The interpersonal working relationship is rarely talked about.

In this scenario Peter is your colleague from the service department, hard-working and the expert in his area. Peter is very accurate and pays close attention to all details. That’s also what frustrates you sometimes. Expertise is important, but you are getting more and more annoyed because of his defensive behaviour.
You know from yourself you are a too optimistic and have a tendency to push too hard in certain situations. It might happen you say yes too quickly without realizing what the consequences are of you overpromising.

In this interactive role play you will practice discussing your interpersonal collaboration.

Duration: 20-30 minutes


The lecture

This lecture clarifies in more detail how you effectively can discuss interpersonal collaboration. The trainer will explain the evolution model to you and the questions that will help you have an effective conversation with your co-workers.

Duration: 5 -10 minutes

Sneak Preview