Experience & experiment how to give and receive compliments.

The scenario

You are working together with Peter, a colleague of the service department, for quite a while now. Peter is hardworking and an expert in his area. He is very precise and has a sharp eye for details. Although you recognize his strengths, sometimes his behavior causes issues. He is often missing deadlines in projects you are involved in. A few weeks ago you had a constructive meeting with Peter to discuss this. During a meeting Peter surprised you with very positive behavior.

In this interactive role play you can experiment with various ways to give Peter a compliment.

Duration: 5-10 minutes

The lecture

In this lecture the trainer you will learn:

  • How to give compliments. What are the key success factors in giving powerful compliments?
  • How to receive compliments. Which pitfalls are there to avoid when receiving a compliment.
  • You will experience ineffective and effective examples of giving and receiving compliments through practical examples.

Duration: 5 minutes