Become more effective in having strategic sales conversations, focusing on value for the customer instead of the product you offer.

The scenario

Your startup, ProGreen, helps companies make the transition to sustainable business using innovative products. For this, you have won numerous awards.
Today, you’re trying to sell a new product: a state-of-the-art paper cup. You’re about to have a meeting with Brian, the recruiter of company X.
A mutual connection of you and Brian introduced you to him. So you’ve never met him before, but he was willing to meet you as a favor to his friend. Although a recruiter is not your usual target audience to visit, the company he works for is very interesting to you.

Duration: +/- 20 minutes

The lecture

In this lecture you will learn about the 5-step approach that will help you have a sales conversation focusing on strategic value for the customer. It will teach you how to shift from solving ad hoc issues to value creation on the longer term.

Duration: +/- 10 minutes