Create a learning culture in your team

Learning culture

Team training in three steps

OWNIT skills training offers an innovative, fun and inspiring approach to training interpersonal skills. Participants have full autonomy when and where they want to learn, using a stand-alone VR-device. The team is stimulated to experiment, reflect and learn together, enhancing the performance of both the individual members and the team.

This program takes six to eight weeks and a time invest of approximately 45 minutes per participant per week. It can be offered at any time and to any number of participants. As it is ‘plug and play’, it is very suitable for self organizing teams and requires little support from L&D professionals.

Team Kick off

In this two-hour team meeting, the team experiences their first VR-training with one of our interactive roleplays. All participants will take the same training, in the safe environment of their individual VR-device. After completing the training, the team shares their learnings in a reflection session and translate the learnings to their professional context.

VR Self-study

Between teamsessions, participants have unlimited access to the VR-training modules. Each module consists of both an interactive role-play and a short lecture providing the underlying theoretical framework. The 360 video gives the participants an almost lifelike experience. It also provides a safe environment to experiment and practice new behavior.

Meaningful conversations

In this second teamsession, we connect the learning and performing zone. We reflect on the learnings from the VR-training modules and identify how the team can apply them to become more effective in real life situations. By doing this, the team experiences a ‘meaningful conversation’, which is the basis for an ongoing learning culture.

Pricing *)

Total price for one team (max ten people): € 4,895
(including rental of headsets)

*) All prices excl 21% VAT, al services subject to our terms and conditions.

The most effective people in any domain go through life deliberately alternating between the two zones.

Why learning culture?

Did you know that the secret to better performance does not lie in the performance zone, but in the learning zone?

‘The training’

The learning zone can metaphorically be described as ‘the training’. It’s where we focus on improvement, experimentation and deliberate practice of new skills. The focus is on maximizing growth and future performance.

This is our specialty. With our products, employees train their soft skills at a place and time of their own choice. In a safe environment. Where they can experiment, without being watched.

Thanks to our groundbreaking VR-technology, your workforce trains almost four times faster and is more involved than in traditional classroom training.

‘The match’

The performance zone can be compared to ‘the match’. It’s the time and place where we focus on execution and try to avoid mistakes. We concentrate on what we have mastered and where we maximize current performance.

The connection

The most effective teams consciously alternate between these two zones. They go through a continuous loop of acting in the performance zone, reflecting on results, practicing in the learning zone, and applying learnings in the performance zone.

In sports, this is very normal. But in a working context pressure on performance is so high that we often spend most of our time in the performance zone. And when we do spend time in the learning zone, it’s hard to apply what we learned in the performance zone.

The advantage of VR360 video

VR-video is realistic and immersive. It offers a safe & low stake environment to experiment and learn. The Individual preparation with the VR-modules offers common ground for meaningful conversations in the reflection sessions. This is where we connect the learning and the performance zone.

The ‘Performance Zone’ maximizes our immediate performance, while the ‘Learning Zone’ maximizes our growth and our future performance

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