Integrate training seamlessly in business.

The LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2018 shows the following paradox:

  • It is a challenge to get employees to make time for learning
  • At the same time, 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career.
Although the importance of continuous personal development is obvious, it’s often hard to find the time to actually do it.

Skills training without disturbing your business.

OWNIT’s VR-based learning approach offers a solution to train interpersonal skills in such a way that it does not take a lot of time and hence does not disturb your daily business.

  • No need to send people to a full day classroom training: participants receive their individual VR-device, with an interactive role-play and a short lecture for each skill.
  • Using this stand-alone VR-device, participants can individually train at the time and place that suits them.
  • Training modules are short (20-40 minutes), which makes it easy to schedule into busy agendas.
  • The mix of VR self-study and online coaching sessions offers participants the possibility to experiment individually and reflect and learn collectively.


Offer professionals autonomy in learning.

OWNIT offers a so-called blended learning approach, in which participants train individually using the VR-training modules and in addition receive coaching in small groups to deepen the learning experience.

This new approach to soft skill training is in line with the need of professionals for autonomy in learning as found in the LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2018 amongst approximately 4,000 professionals globally on LinkedIn:

  • 68% of employees prefer to learn at work
  • 58% of employees prefer to work at their own pace
  • 49% of employees prefer to learn at their point of need

OWNIT skill training can be offered stand-alone (combining both the VR-based training modules and the online coaching), but can also be an excellent addition to existing learning & development programs (for example to create extra focus on specific interpersonal skills). We can work with our own trainers or with the trainers that are already working for your organization.

Train your skills in only 45 minutes a week.

A typical OWNIT training focuses on 3 skills per quarter, and requires an average time invest of 45 minutes per week. In our blended VR-based learning approach, a major part of the training is done individually, using our interactive VR-role play scenarios and lectures. Every 4 weeks we organize a coaching session where a small group of participants share learnings and obtaining deeper insights in the training material. The journey starts and ends with a self-assessment, to get insight in the individual skill level, learning goals and growth.
With a time investment of 9,5 hours in 12 weeks, participants experience a training that equals 3 full days of classroom training, including unrestricted possibility to reiterate.