Effectively deal with Resistance

Experience & Learn how to effectively deal with resistance.

The scenario
You are working for a company and your team just closed the deal of the year. Extremely important for your company. The service department has a completely different perspective and is far from happy with this deal. For them quality is more important than speed.

In this interactive role play you will meet one of your colleagues of the service department, who is on his way with a complaint. His ultimate goal is to make sure you will visit the customer to solve this issue.

Duration: 10-15 minutes

The lecture
In this lecture the trainer will discuss:

  1. The mourning curve to understand the concept of change and how people might respond to it.
  2. The type of responses that might not lead to an effective solution, the so-called Neanderthal responses. You will experience each response through a practical example.
  3. The acknowledgement process. The constructive process how to deal with resistance.


Duration: 5 minutes

Sneak Preview