Customer experiences.

In our customer experiences we share case studies from customers who embraced our concept of VR soft skills training.


Dutch Ministry of Finance – Innovation of training curriculum

In a time when working remotely has become the norm, the Dutch Ministry of Finance investigates ways to renew her training offerings.

The VR-based training of interpersonal skills was evaluated with a 7.5 on average and a 7.9 for the applicability of the training in their daily work.

Case study

The Dutch Ministry of Finance is looking for new innovative learning solutions for development of their staff. All trainings must meet 4 important criteria:

  • Participants must be able to learn at their workplace
  • Participants must have full control over their individual learning process
  • The program must contribute to development of the craftsmanship and professional identity of civil servants
  • Participants must be able to learn from and with each other

In a training program consisting of a live kick-off, two online reflection sessions and 8 weeks of self-study, a team of the IRS tested whether the OWNIT VR-training matches these criteria.

Participants especially appreciated:

  • The flexibility and freedom to choose when and where to learn (for example in the car while waiting for a kid during their sports training)
  • Experimenting individually in the safe environment of the VR-device
  • Sharing learnings and receiving additional insights on the training material during the reflection sessions with a trainer and some colleagues

Although the content of the training was not always new, the training led to a greater awareness of blind spots and stimulated participants to experiment with new behavior (e.g. by paying attention to emotions in interaction with colleagues and not only to content)

Marsh McLennan - Leadership program

Within this service provider a new role was created for 9 Industry Practice Leaders, with strategical importance for the organization. To provide these Practice Leaders with a head start, the company was looking for a training to help them develop the required skills for inspirational leadership in a non-hierarchical role.


We offered a blended learning program with a duration of 6 months, consisting of:

  • Two workshops (1/2 day)
  • 10 VR-modules and
  • 4 online reflection sessions

Overall appreciation of participants: 8

Most appreciated by participants:

  • Flexibility of VR
  • Fun way of learning
  • The ‘gamification’ format of the training stimulates to repeat the training multiple times and continuously improve your score
  • Nice to have the possibility to repeat the training when relevant. This stimulates reflection on real life situations and experimentation with new behavior
  • Reflection sessions are useful to share learnings and translated the training to the work environment with colleagues