OWNIT accelerates soft skill training.

We combine immersive learning, just-in-time learning and micro-learning to enable people to step into the learning zone. We call this Accelerated learning.

VR highly effective for soft skill training

A 2020 PWC study regarding the effectiveness of virtual reality-learning versus classroom training and e-learning, shows that V-learners are:

  • 275% more confident to act on what they learned after training.
  • 1.5x more focused than their classroom peers.
  • 4x faster than classroom training on average.
  • 3.75 times more emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners.

“V-Learning will likely be an accelerator that helps drive a new age of enterprise training and education.”

Step into the Learning Zone

The performance zone is the main part of our work. It’s where we apply our skills, try to minimize mistakes and achieve our best results. The learning zone on the other hand is all about improvement. We focus on what we don’t know, experiment and make mistakes, so we can learn and improve ourselves. It’s in this zone that you maximise your future growth and ultimately your future performance.

In a group setting, people will tend to stay in the performance zone, due to social risk. With VR, OWNIT creates a training setting without any social risk, encouraging you to step into the learning zone.

For more information, check out Eduardo Briceño’s inspiring TED Talk on ‘how to get better at the things we most care about’.

Get immersed in the learning experience

Immersive learning utilizes augmented, simulated, or purely artificial environments for learners to experience scenarios and simulations. OWNIT uses Virtual Reality (VR) where participants experience a virtual dialogue, getting immersed by the feeling of actually being present in the scenario. The benefits of OWNIT’s immersive learning approach are:

  1. A distraction-free world: VR eliminates all distractions, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the learning scenario.
  2. A personalized learning approach: It allows you to learn at your own pace, time and place. You can play a scenario as often as you like and at the moment that it’s relevant for you.
  3. An emotional connect: Since the environments created by immersive learning are highly engaging and realistic, it develops an emotional connect with the users. Hence, they are more involved in the learning process.
  4. Better retention: As there are fewer or no distractions, you are deeply immersed in the learning process and learn at your own pace, you’ll remember more of what you experience in the scenarios.

Learn just-in-time

Just-in-time learning is available on-demand and can be accessed when you need it. That makes it different from traditional training, which is generally available at set dates and times.

OWNIT’s VR skill training allows you to experiment when it’s relevant for you. If you have a challenging meeting tomorrow, you can use the scenario to prepare yourself and feel confident. This way the training session is integrated seamlessly with your work.

Experience micro-learning

Micro-learning refers to offering small, focused stand-alone topics. Instead of combining multiple topics in one training scheduled on one or multiple days, the content is offered in smaller parts that can be learned independently.

OWNIT offers VR role plays focused on one specific skill, which per module takes 20 to 40 minutes of your time. This makes it easier for participants to schedule the training into their busy agendas and increases focus on their learning efforts. Once a skill is mastered, participants can easily select the next module from our training library.